Friday, 7 October 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... making the club gaming board part 2

So as normal I've gone straight into hardcore scenery making mode, something that I've not done for a long time, maybe it was the casting of the hurst arts molds that sent me over the edge??

Well so far this is what I've managed to do...

So a aerial view of the board, the green mat is just so that I can see what space the bits will fill, a few bits of scatter cover terrain and its about there, 

I mulled over how to base the tank traps and figured a nice foot print would be needed so that it really slowed them down gaming wise and from a modelling perspective it would be easy to paint up and still look cool, 

The V1 Prep/launch area, the walls are for a sci-fi range but look perfect for this, 

and the actual ramp, taking a fair old bit of the board up and blocking a huge amount of line of sight this will dominate the board but give neither side the edge as you can't get models on it unless you run up the ramp!

one of the two "ok" casted V1's in transport mode

a very rough mock-up of a hanger, I'd gone for a "modern" day feel with the sloped concrete sides, but I've a bit of tweaking to do with the construction, I'm in two minds about the roof, a simple piece of wood/plastic card with some filler or just leave it open?

one of the generic ruins, after all the RAF would be having a pop now and then,

and the V2 that I've already done, with some blast walls around it, I'm struggling to find a transport rig for this, so I might on have this ready to launch,

I've still some other bits to do, I've another two MDF boards cut out for two more hangers but not too sure on that maybe one more would do it? A fuel silo of some description and some more ruins/rubble for difficult ground,

do you think its enough? or should there be more??