Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Secrets of the third reich.... making the club gaming board part 3

So after a bit of a slow start I've got my terrain making head on and got the following lot done,

so the actual ramp, 3 V1's, the concrete walls and the tank traps, 

nice and simple nothing too fancy, 

just some flock to put on the bases, and these are done

the concrete walls, again nothing too hard lots of dry brushing, I didn't bother doing the metal on the corners as that would make it look to sci-fi

and the launch ramp, I didn't want to go OTT with the flock but I'm tempted to put some more on in a different shade, and maybe a small tree, but from a wargaming proof angle that'll last about 2 sessions!

So the next lot, three lots of ruins, and a reinforced  bunker, I'll put some of the plastic pallets on the ruins once there dry, which might be a while with the amount of no more nails and PVA that's on this lot!

so just some close ups, should be enough room for infantry to stand in, 

and one of the two hangers that are going to be on the board, I've decided to leave them open so that units can hide in there ready for an ambush

So once that lots done, which shouldn't take too long as again it'll be dry brush central, I'll have a finial batch of terrain and that'll finish off the board nicely!