Thursday, 22 December 2011

20mm Germans, Flames of war & new direction....

well as anticipated its been a slow month...

Server: Kellian Jarro
Toon's name: Kelmoch

so if your playing Starwars The Old Republic then look me up if you on the same server,

However before I lost my mind to the MMO, I managed to get some of the 20mm Germans done.

So I've built my force around the normal grenadier list in Kampgruppe Normandy, since then I've discovered that a couple of the other lads have also gone for the krauts so I'll be picking up an American force in the new year to give people the choice of what to play against, or what I fancy ;)

So, you've a full infantry platoon of 3 squads and command, MG42 team, Supreme commander, 88 Anti-tank gun and a forward arty team, and I've still one pretty full sprue of Germans left to do what I want with.

close up's, I've gone with the battlefront paint set for ease, 

the LMG teams & MG42 team the MG42 is from SHQ miniatures look a little "skinny" but from 12" away slot in fine.

the Supreme command team and forward observer team

The good old 88, just the actual gun bit to do which is gonna be no problem, assuming I can peel myself off my latest crack habit!

 and this is how it came....

an amazing amount of detail for a 20mm model!

and the test paint for the panzer IV, I ended up painting the numbers on by hand as the skytrex ones that I picked up a while back are naff personally,

so with the other two panzer IV's and three stuG's on my painting table about half way through I'll see if I can blast those out before the end of the month.

So the flames guys have announced a 3rd Ed and being the nice chaps that they are you get a free 3rd Ed mini rule book if you have the current hardback, see the link below for more info...

3rd ED info

I think this is a great move once more.. think if GW did this....

And what of this "new direction"

well I was told a couple of weeks ago that there are going to be redundancies at my work, so IF I do go which I'll find out mid Jan I've decided to take the plunge into the big bad world of retail/online retailers for gaming supplies.

I'll start of with paint etc.. and if its worth continuing then I'll move onto models etc, now I'm gonna be careful not to rock the boat with the local shop as the chap is a cracking lad however IF you was going to buy online what would you buy?

Also one thing that I was going to do was commission work to build up some funds, but not sure where to start? any suggestions??