Monday, 5 December 2011

Armourfast review - Stug's & Panthers

So with some infantry & Panzer's I decided it was time to bulk out the armour, and with the list that I'm going to be running I needed StuG's so after some mooching about I ordered some bits from Armourfast and they live up to there name and they arrived fast!

So first up would be the Stug III

nice looking box art

simple looking sprue

you get two in each box. 

close up with a plastic solider company infantryman for scale factor, Price wise these are a steal £7.50 for 2 so clocking in at £3.75 a piece,

The models are crisp casting wise and quite simple to put together, the only down side for me was the tracks there are all one unit and the bottom of the hull has a raised bit to stick the tracks onto and there a bit of a bugger to suss out if your not knowledgeable with historical armour, but that's here the box art did help!

The other niggle I had was the back of the tank, the engine deck? hangs over the end and you stick the muffler on the back and that's it... just looks a tad naff, but as a wargaming model its not a problem.

So onto the StuH 42

in a nutshell the same kit as the Stug III but with a different barrel and that's it! now I think armourfast are missing a trick here that they could have designed the sprue to have both types of barrel and you'd have a versatile kit that if you modelled it right could be altered between the two.

And the final kit....

The Panther

again nice box art, and I referred to this whilst sticking the mantel together to make sure I didn't get it upside down,

and the size comparison next to an infantryman, and these are bloody big! now the tracks on there are much better designed so weren't a problem and these were dead easy to bang together! ok so you don't get the zimmerit coating but that's not a big problem personally,

so 8 tanks including delivery for £32.24 you can't complain when you could get modeller tanks for about £7 - £10 a piece, personally I think the plastic solider company ones a little better only because of the crewmen that you get and that I've used on the armourfast ones to make them look a bit different,

the ones without the sideskirts I'm gonna stick twigs on the side so that they look like...

and there you go, more amour than you can shake a stick at, all I'm waiting for is the final parcel from SHQ miniatures and I'll the start of a decent force.

So with all this German armour I'm currently looking into airbushes and working out if it'd be worth the cost....