Wednesday, 14 December 2011

CY6 - Germans 6 O'Clock!!

As my gaming diary tends to be quite "busy" I normally plan games a couple of months in advance so that I can keep various systems on the rotation so that stuff doesn't become stagnant,

This was one that I was looking forward to....

It was time to Check your 6 and go for some bloody spiffing dog fighting!

So the Germans dropped outta the clouds and bumped the RAF, with an Ace down and the other with engine damage the RAF started to fight back, the usual chaos ensured and the funniest part of the game for me was a 109 trying to climb the pilot failing his check and the plane fell through the dog fight zone missing another 109 but clipping a spitfire on the way down, THEN a lucky shot caused another spitfire to spin out of control and poor Barnaby wasn't able to recover and hit the drink!

Nick was rolling quite aggressively and my robustness rolls were pants and 109's were dropping outta the sky at an alarming rate! 

The RAF then decided to try and down the ace as he was on a roll with the shooting and and it ended up as...

we were pretty much level pegging plane for plane,but as time wasn't on our side we called it at turn six and I managed to win by about 2 points!!

So two games on the trot and I'd managed to win both! whats going on!!

  and if your into your music get your lugs round this...