Tuesday, 18 January 2011

This could be the start of something rather big.....

So in my last post I whaffled on about 28mm black powder napoleonic's, did a bloke on a horse and figured I could get the army done in 12 weeks....

Well I think I might have to amend that "target" I've managed to get the rest of the heavy cavalry unit done much to my surprise as I was just cracking on with them and actually enjoyed the change of model, i.e. rather than a marine or sci-fi type thing a normal bloke on a horse was a welcome change and they look pretty good to me.

So when I was bored one day I decided to have a crack at the cannon that I got with a job lot that I got from one of the guys at the local club, now I used this as a bit of an tester with the foot infantry that I have to do, i.e. do I really need to dip and can I paint them fairly basic but still make them look good from 6 inches and 2 foot away i.e. the right balance for a gaming army, sure I could go hardcore and make them look really nice but when you've a couple of hundred to plough though, painting stubble on the faces isn't an option!

I'm looking to get another 4 of these and it was a really nice piece to paint, just enough detail to make it intresting but not too much where it does your swede in!

So I turned to the huge pile of infantry on cardboard strips that is going to be the ultimate test of me as "local legend" i.e. the guys at the shop always comment "what army have you painted this week?" and the like which does make me smile, I suppose its all about "man-points"

So I figured rather than trying to paint about 140 models in one batch I'd break it down to a manageable 9-12 a time depending what mood I'm going to be in,

I started with 8 enough for two 40x40 bases

I'm going to base them as I go along the pva is still drying in these pictures, now I'm certain that I've not painted some of the bits in the right colours but hey looks good enough to me, I'm quite happy with how they've come out and I'll do a step by step at some point, after all I've about 132 left before my order from maelstrom games turns up and then that'll push the infantry up to around 336 so the "pledge" is going to be massacred this month, but as long as I can stay away from plastic crack (which I've said before) I'll be sound as I think I've enough to keep me going going for a good 6 months.....