Friday, 7 January 2011

Emperors Children, Ariadna's & the 2011 "project"

well the huge chaos army that I've been collecting for the last 4 years is slowly start to come to a end I managed to continue with the Emperors Children and finshed the choosen...

not a great deal of conversion work in fact really simple, khorne beserker legs, normal chaos marine arms and torso, metal emperors children shoulder pad, some maxmini heads (linky) and the jobs a good un! 

I also did a random squad leader at the same time not allocated to a unit within my army but I figured I might as well do him so that he doesn't feel lonely ;)

So Chaos wise all I've left now is...

Slannesh lord
Iron Warriors lord
2 nurgle dreadnoughts
1 slannesh dreadnought
1 nurgle rhino
1 tzeentch rhino
3 vindicators (1 tzeentch, 1 nurgle, 1 slannesh)
1 defiler

so not alot really considering what I've managed mainly in the last 2ish years, I'm in no rush to paint them I'll use them to break up other projects that I've got going,

I've also managed to get another batch of infinity done for my Ariadna's

so in the picture you've all specialist troops, add these to what I've already got painted...

and its a fair bit, I've only a couple of bits left now for the infinity and this lot is done then it'll be on to the arab's on bikes, at some point!

so the 2011 project....

After picking up the black powder rules I've decided to take the plunge into that era that you assocate with men with a "few extra pounds" sporting a unfasionable beard in a lovely knitted jumper, yes Anton is going Napoleonic!

with the what could be the most amount of models I've ever purchased in a single month I've a huge pile to paint now...

so the French....

4 boxes of infantry Perry Minitures
2 boxes of infantry Victrix
1 box of old guard Victrix
1 box of heavy cav Perry Minitures
1 cannon Perry Minitures
2 blisters of French Commanders Victrix

that gives me a staggering..

288 infantry + 60 old guard
14 cav
1 cannon and crew
4 commanders

totalling 367 models! thats more than half of what I bought and painted in 2010! and all for £140! so cheap!! which is actually about the same price as the transports that I need for the black templar army that I was planning on doing (4 crusaders)

now I've decided to use the army painter dip for these guys as there is no way that I'm going to get these all done before I lose the will to live, I've already questioned some of the other guys who use this down the local club and I'm confident that I'll be able to complete within 3 months assuming the queen doesn't demand too much of me but with a smile like...

its like a siren of slannesh pulling me away from the painting table, so operation "paint like a madman" will be done inbetween "play" sessions!!