Thursday, 27 January 2011

And onto the perry line infantry & other jazz....


I've been a tad busy at work so by the time that I've "chilled out" I've not had that much time so painting wise I've only managed to finish off the French line infantry...

Now personally I'm quite happy with the finished look, I'm still slightly confused with how many I should have but I figured 32 chaps to a unit is classed as "normal" unit in black power,

Now listening to one of my fellow super geeks, I've taken the plunge into "batch" painting and doing one colour when sitting down, now at first it was a bit tricky as me ass was going numb but after some buttock exercises whist painting I've overcome that issue ;)

so this is where they are at the moment, I'm going to be finishing off the grey & doing the flesh tonight/tomorrow hopefully, but these should be done and dusted by week, ready for the next batch which I'm still waiting for Maelstrom to deliver! 24 days since ordering...

Now I was looking on the infinity website a week or so ago and found a downloadable army builder which I've discovered that I've some new toys for my faction, this would be remotes, something that I've never had so as Spencer is going to do a Merc list and wanted some nomad remotes wanted to know if I wanted to go halves on two boxes as he was looking for certain ones, Now I was looking at nomads but with the discovery of the new traktor mul units I'd figured I'd have ago at converting the nomad remotes into these funky but filthy models.

I've only managed to do the legs and was thinking of doing something similar to the oblit's that I did a while back with tractor units and some kind of rocket launcher on top, but then I want to keep the remote look rather than a bomb defusing robot that's used by the modern engineers of today..

so this is as far as I got, now I'm planning on doing a step by step if they look ok if not then I'll just paint em,

Now I spend a fair bit of time mooching about the old net look for inspiration and seeing whats happening in the world of gaming and stumbled across this company..

the are being sold through...


now these guys are doing pre-cut 28mm cowboy buildings and also 15mm WW2 stuff and personally I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far, I'm going to see if I can "convince" my local club to pick some up and these would work really well for Malifaux or even infinity as solid buildings are needed for true line of sight.

Now as I've been playing a homegrown modern 6mm system written by one of the guys at the club, I've started looking at more alternative system and decided that some good old dog fighting is needed, now I've given wings of war a pop which is a WW1 system and whilst its good fun I fancied trying something else so I've ordered "check your 6" cy6 and what I've read on various forums it appears to be quite a good system and as I'll be using 1/285 or 1/300 aka 6mm then the average fighter is about a quid (£1) so that carn't be sniffed at!

and talking about aircraft style games I also found skykings now the actual models are not bad but the ground stuff could be useful for epic scale stuff?

Now I've actually managed to get my hands on the stormraven and have a good look, I'm actually impressed buy the first ever marine flyer and is a good idea of the detail and the engineering that GW can do IF they ever decide to do a thunderhawk... But once more Spencer is playing devils advocate and suggested that I could convert it into a chaos dread claw and really got me thinking.... and then I pushed that though to one side when I saw the price, but I "might" re-visit this idea if I start playing 40K on a regular basis I've too much on the go a the moment though aka..

The "golden Child"

now forgeworld have decided to re-release there fantasy section of the stuff that they do calling it "warhammer forge" and with the new nurgly bits they look outstanding! and will make your wallet scream at the same time, but hey thats the company that we love to hate ;)

Anyway enough of the random whaffling...