Monday, 3 January 2011

Challange Ant - Grey Knight

So New year greetings and all that!

Spencer (being Spencer) decided to once more give a challenge Ant, this time it was to be a model from a army that I painted a long-long time ago when I worked at Games Workshop Leicester...

Grey Knights...

Now I did a termi squad as well as some storm troopers and I really liked the Termi's so much so they even made it into my old school guard army, but have now since gone the way of ebay a while back,

 So dead simple instructions from Spencer "paint it like you did" now it must be about 7 years since then so I dived in feet first!
Step 1 -

Undercoat Black

Step 2 -

Drybrush Boltgun metal

Step 3 - 

 Drybrush chainmail

Step 4 -

Blue ink

Step 6 -

Drybrush Mithril silver once the ink is dry, I left mine and monged in front of the box!

Step 6 -

Start on the parchment using denab stone and then use skull white as a harsh highlight,
Do the red I started with red gore and then simply highlighted/blended with blood red

Step 7 -

start on the metals,

Tin blitz for the shaft of the weapon and the ammo feed and barrels
Gold for the decorative bits

Step 8 -

Brassy brass over the tin blitz and ass some chainmail as a high light,
also add some chainmail to the gold for a high light
then ink with gryphone septia (or what ever its bloody called)

And thats that! nice and simple all you need to do is base the model and jobs a good un!

However Spencer didn't like the "blue" tinge of the armour and suggested that I take the sliver up a further level, so I broke out the mitheril silver and did a light dry brush trying to to overspill onto the detail that I'd done previously

So off to a good start for the "pledge 2011" and comments and the like welcome as always,