Monday, 10 January 2011

Napoleonic french heavy cavaly test model aka Anton does a horse!

Before you start reading my general whaffing please note that I haven't a clue about "historical" formations, divisions, uniforms etc...

Right so after spending a while sticking some cavalry together which I must say that they are really nice as plastic kits and the dead guys that you get are really useful, so far I was quite impressed with the journey into traditional wargaming, After looking at various sources on the old internet trying to suss out what colours to paint the guys I decided to take the plunge and just go for it using the front of the perry box as a rough guide.

So as I couldn't be arsed to wait for the main part of the French to turn up from Maelstrom games I decided to undercoat the cavalry in black as I figured that most of it will be fairly dark colours so made sense to be honest, now I've never really painted horses so this is a trip into the unknown.....

so started with a bit of scorched brown

Then a wet brush of beastial brown, I ended up doing two coats as the first one was still a bit dark for my liking

then a lightish coat of vermin brown, and I started on the rider

so then once the rider was done (some quite Nice detail) and a wash with gryphone sepia, devlin mud and badab black this was the finished result, I also washed the legs of the rider after painting it white with purple

after I did all the washing I did go back over the white to make it stand out, over all I'm pretty happy with the test model once the other 13 are done these will look nice, question is what do you think??