Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Warzone Legion, Brotherhood and The Pledge!

Finally I got my hands on a new rig and recovered my hard drive with all my files on including the excel files containing the pledge for the last 4 odd years!

 So before I start boring people with "stats" lets have a look at the new bits that I've done for my Warzone forces,

I picked up the black widow way back at Derby and it's been kicking around my painting area looking at me menacly, I was a bit dubious about painting the model as it's a great looking model and I didn;t want to mess it up with a naff paint job or colours!

I've not been intimated by a model for a long long time and after "manning up" as Ross would put it I went for it with Isla in tow and got the GC to help me choose colours namely the legs and help with the sponging/stippling,


The whole model was sprayed black and I started off with the legs, these where then stippled/sponged with brassy brass, then washed with green wash, then I lightly sponged/stippled the legs again.Once that was dry I then used some of the gw tech paint for the rusted brass look.

I moved onto the main body and mixed a dark grey as the initial coat, then using a combo of sponging/stippling and dry brushing built up the grey until I was happy with it, I then filled in the detail choosing blue as the alternative colour to match the rest of my army,

I gave the hull a strong tone wash and simply rehighlighted the red and its ready to go stomping around the table top! 

Whilst I was on a roll with the Legion I finished off these two chaps as well, 

When I snapped the pick the PVA was still drying on the bases, 

A Nepharite of Algeroth with his tickle stick,

Valpurgius, pointing the way to the chinese all you can eat place, 

I'm quite happy with how the skulls came out on the cloak, No idea how hes works game wise but when I knew I could pick him up at Salute way back in April I bought him "because I could"

So onto the brotherhood, 

I've had my replacement Larua for a while now and hit a wall on painting her for some reason, 

That was until I spotted the guardiani oblati, these are super sexy models and they were a real joy to paint, 

At the moment these guys have some filthy rules so carn't wait to use them on the table! 

Talking of filthy it'd be rude not to put another 5 sacred warriors into the mix! 

So onto the "Pledge"

I lost the old machine back in July, and didn't think to keep track of what I'd bought as I thought I would remember... 


Bought No idea! maybe 20 models?
Painted 58
Difference +38


Bought No idea! maybe 10 models?
Painted 23
Difference +13


Bought 107
Painted 110
Difference +3


Bought 53
Painted 97
Difference +44 

so as I rock into the final month of the year this is what the pledge looks like at the moment... 

Bought 631
Painted 919
Difference +288

I'd love to round that off to 1K for the year, 81 models in the month of December though I'm doubt it'll happen, but you never now eh!

I've also set up a face book page for the Anarchy of Anton so come on over and give me a like ;)