Friday, 5 December 2014

Terrain-tastic, dropzone & 28mm stuff

So recently I've been on a terrain building/painting phase with the previous bits I did, I continued the theme and did all this lovely lot!

Starting with some scatter terrain for dropzone commander,

these were n gauge model railway cars and buses that I picked up off ebay, mounted on strips of plasticard and painted up in a simple scheme. Then weathered using the model mates products and add some static and they are good to go! All I need to do is slot another game in now!

Whilst looking for something within my well organised hobby room (ahem!) I found these so decided to splash some paint on them,

I plan to use them for warzone as they are not too skull heavy,

One thing that I spotted on ebay were some stone walls for a fairly reasonable price and ordered both sets that are for sale,

these were really simple to do..

I sprayed them grey
Dry brush a light grey
medium army painter ink
re-drybrush the original grey then the lighter grey
base and your done!

scale wise they are a little short for warzone, legions and WWX, for normal scaled stuff they are spot on, really nice product and I'll be picking more up at some point.

One of the "tricks" that I discovered recently was B&Q do a colour matching system and had the brainwave to get the two colours that I do me basing with done so that the terrain that I paint can match the models and look all nice and shiny!

I base in burnt umber which you can get from any craft/art shop, Mine I get from the range in Leicester, I then use english uniform over that and this has now been replaced by this.. 

note the pot at the top for a colour match, its know as rich praline 2 RN6,

then I use german cam beige as my top coat, again this has been replaced with..

this is also know as.

so rather than using your paint that costs about 2 quid a pot these were about 3.50 each and the amount of liquid that you get they'll last a fair while unless you body painting your other half!

So with the B&Q specials within arms reach you can easily do the following...

the buildings were painted the same as the walls I only rehighlighted on the some bits and left the plaster with the ink on, sponged some black on the edges and its as simple as that,

these are the third lot of warlord farmhouse buildings that I've done and I've got these down to a tee, rather than the usual recently destroyed ruins I've gone for a overgrown style as I like that look.

these will be multi functional so used for any 28mm system and combine them with the walls I've some nice bits that will fill a 4x4 easily, all I need is some hills and roads.

I was thinking of getting latex roads, do anyone have any that they can recommend or are they overpriced gash?