Friday, 19 December 2014

Bolt action Italians "complete" Company B Dovunque 35 review

Well I thought I'd sorted the mighty Italians out but in the tradition that all gamers follow I ended up "just getting a few more bits"

I was looking at the options for the beraglieri unit and you can have two LMG's per squad, however warlord only do unit blisters with one in and they don;t operate a parts service so I had a ponder and picked up a few bits from the perry's quick head swap and they were done and dusted,

so I've two LMG teams and a couple of extra guys that I could use as spotters or FAO's

so the whole lot together, Now you'd think that I'd be done at that point but no I picked up tanks wars a while back and have finally got round to reading it so now I'm planning a second platoon of armour mix in some transport for the infantry and the like and we'll be good to go!

the only issue that I've had is finding 28mm Italian WW2 trucks as they are not the most popular range on the market and found a few odds and sods kicking around,

I ordered a dovunque 35 by company b miniatures from war games command post and thought I'd do a review of the kit as £26 for a model is a gamble when your not sure on the quality.

So this is how the kit comes,

A fair few metal bits, 

 and a resin one piece body, 

As the kits comes with no instructions a quick gander on the net for pictures of the truck and I was away! 

So size wise as you expect its spot on for bolt action, a fairly simple build however is your not used to working with resin and have come straight from a GW type gaming back ground then this kit could put you off with the prep that is needed.

Looking at the rules it can be used as a tow for arty as well as a transport, a good multi use model.

I thought I'd treat myself to a new piece of Italian armour as well,

This little beauty is from Blitzkeg miniatures, and is the Semovente 90/53. Used in Africa as well as the defence of Italy which makes it perfect for my themed force,

So the truck is just as bit as the armour, mind you its classed as a tankette with a whopping 7 armour. I think I'll be hiding this well!,

So over all thoughts with the truck from Company B, price wise its a tad expensive for the best part of 30 quid including delivery however I've not found any other people that do 28mm WW2 Italian transports, Yes I could use German and even British trucks but I wanted to give the army the uniform factor and all that jazz.The actual quality of the kit isn't too bad and once its painted up should look great.

On to the Semo 90/53, the kit is great, only 3 pieces and nice and simple to stick together, quality of the casting is nice and little to no clean up was required apart from the usual resin wash, I'd buy again from Blitzkreiq without a doubt if all the armour was to the same standard.

All I need to do now is sort out a date for a game with Dave at Portal and we'll see how the mighty Italians fair on the table top, I'm hoping a lot better than this evening over at Gifts for Geeks when Paul "educated" me with his assault rife totting FJ and a wonderful quad 2cm halftrack, less said of that the better really. However it was a good game and I've pretty much got the rules down to a tee.