Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Dreadball Extreme Convicts Team & Zee Team

About a month ago I wandered over to the Mantic open day and picked up my copy of dreadball Extreme,

In the usual Anton fashion, It wasn;t long before I was splashing some paint on the models,

the actual models themselves are a huge improvement compared to the original dreadball models from a couple of years ago,

Even though I got two packs of of the gribbly monsters, I decided only to paint one of them as I'm not sure if I'd use all of them.

I've based the convicts on the prison uniform from guardians of the Galaxy rather than the orange that Mantic have done, just for something different,

So whilst I was in the mood I blasted out the Zee's so I could cross it of the goal list for 2014 and give me an incentive to play some dreadball in the new year,

I filled the gap on the base between the model and it looks far better than the robot team I did a while back,

The pose that did make me smile was the wound markers for the convicts, simple but effective!

so there you go folks some lovely models ready to go, All I need to do is get some extreme time in.