Friday, 21 November 2014

Wild west Table complete, All aboard!

Part of the 2014 goal was to get a wild west table for wild west exodus and dead mans hand, well after some multi purpose useage of terrain I've finished the final bits and its ready to go!

So what was the final part, well I'd done the track and the station lets get the train to Antonville,

So the train was a cheap purchase from pound streacher and with the big red man coming soon you'll grab one for about 10 quid!

So here it is, only a quick set up so you get the general idea, orginally desgined for a 4x4, but with some more buildings and trees easily expanded to a 6x4.

So now thats ticked off the list its on to the next one to try and finish off before the end of the year,  now looking at the list I'm not too fussed about 40K at the moment so the Orks, Dark Angels and Plague reaper are on the bottom of the "I want to paint" list,

The WWX stuff is sittiing ready to go but I need to drag my self to actually paint them and thats not a good sign, so that only leaves the Zee's for dreadball and they should be nice and simple to paint as its they will be the ultimate batch painting project!

however as I'm like every other gamer in the world, I'm looking at getting the following done..

28mm bolt action Italians I've half a dozen guys to add to the army
Tor Gaming Britanan's from the gaming funder pledge earlier in the year
Dropzone commander shalitari that I picked up from the Derby show
catch up on the warzone bits that I picked up a couple of months ago

2014 Goals

4x4 old west/wild west exodus board - Done
4x4 Jungle board - done

Finish off some projects:
Cybertronic for warzone - Done
Enforcers for deadzone - Done
Terrain for deadzone - Done 
Enlightened & Outlaws for WWX - in progress....
Zee dreadball team - still outstanding
Malifaux Gremlins - Done 
Plague reaper for 40K escalation - Backburner
Orks for 40K (not finish but do enough for 2K) - Backburner
Finish off the 5th Company including the drop pods -Backburner
 Orcnar for Relics - Done

New systems & Projects that I've not kickstarted:
Judge Dredd -  Scrapped no intrest within the local area and don't need yet another system!
Muskets & Tomahawks - Scrapped no intrest within the local area and don't need yet another system!
Italians for boltaction - Done