Friday, 14 November 2014

Battlemasters 2014 Rise of the Wicked

So the dust has settled and another successful kings of war torney was ran by Sharad over at Loughbough Dice Devils,

I participated in last years torney and had a good time so was more than willing to sign up for this years, sharad had a few issued with the original date being hijacked by the mantic torney and this forced Sharad to move the torney, wasn't a bad thing for me meant I had more time to get my bits done,

so due to various drop outs and other real life situations the torney went from 10 players down to 4, I played all of the guys once with the "final" between me and Richard.

the armies and players involved this year were,

Richard with his heavily converted nature army

Jonathon with his gorerider heavy orcs

xx with his massive blocks of undead zombies

and tucked away in the corner was Sharad and Alessio play testing v2 kings of war!

So game one was against Jonathon the mighty orcs and a frigging huge dragon!!

I was expecting a bit of a kicking to be honest mainly due to the amount of cav and the dragon that was sitting there, but much to my surprise the heavy mortars and rocket launchers rolled well throughout the game and the stubbornness of the golums made a big difference and I wiped out the orcs to a man!

Games two was against a chap who's name escapes me! and the masses of zombies,

After a sound kicking from Dan earlier in the week I was expecting flash backs and dead naughty dwarves everywhere, but this wasn't to be as the heavy mortars and the rocket launchers were blasting the be-jesus out of the horde units and in one case two heavy mortar shots took one out by turn two! the unit that I was really impressed with was the undead cav with a magic item that could charge though terrain and not be disrupted!

the game ended up as a draw with a unit of wraiths capturing an objective and sealing the deal!

Game three was against Richard and the forces of nature,

The last time that I faced a nature list was against Nick and that was a tough one to play against, I expected much of the same from Richard and as I wasn't sure on what did what I picked on the "cool looking shit" and worked my way though the army, again the mortars and rocket launchers were on fire blasting huge holes in the army and generally causing mayhem when the hit,

Again I managed a draw against Richard, for the final game it would be decided on the classic swiss system and I was up against richard once more, so a rinse and repeat and again we finished up having yet another draw!

So after breathing a sigh of relief Sharad did some sums and it turned out that I won on attrition points much to my surprise!

Best painted army, a well deserved winner, 

The golden handshake!

The much sought after wooden spoon!

Richard gets third

Jonathon rocks in with second

The mighty Anton with first!

the overall day was ran very smoothly and all the games that I played were excellent,

and finally the man who can! 

One thing that did keep me smiling though out the day was the title of the torney, for some reason this was going though my head for most of the day....