Saturday, 29 November 2014

Warzone intro at Black Dragon Minitures Hinckley

A couple of weeks ago I wandered over to black Dragon Miniatures in Hinckley to take Phil though an intro game of Warzone,

This was the first game since Lee enlightened me to the incorrect actions that we'd been playing with for god knows how long, and some of actions now made total sense and played really smooth, I had a couple of questions that came up throughout the game and I'll be checking the faq & rules so that I've got them locked down.

Some other things that I learnt from the evening was to have prebuilt lists based on the starter sets and I've decided to run with the following...


Nepharite of Algeroth
11 Legionarres lead by a necro mutant and 4 special weapons
11 Legionarres lead by a necro mutant and 4 special weapons
2 Razman
2 Stalkers


Crucifer - Crimson adomanation, ruby light, fire flower
Troopers, 1 sniper rifle lead by an inqustor art power is fortune of the penitent
Troopers, 1 sniper rifle lead by an inqustor art power is fortune of the penitent
5 Sacred warriors
1 judy

those lists are rocking in at 722/723 all that would need adding is a warlord to make them legit lists.

after I'd got a solid kicking from Phil I had a quick wander around the shop and chatted to a couple of the other guys checking the place out, One particular chap called Andy offered to take me through a 20mm game of Lasalle as he preferred it to black powder, so once that's sorted I'll take some snaps and see what I think to the system.

I grabbed a few pics of the shop at that point, the guys were still putting stock out and setting up so random bits where about but you get the general idea, 

so 6 gaming tables as it stands, not too bad and the scenery is fairly decent,

most of the stock, so the usual GW, Mantic, Spartan games, Judge Dredd, dropzone commander. didn't notice any privateer press though?

The old board from Leicester GW, I remember Simon doing this back in the day!

Some of the cabinets that are dotted around the shop, various odds and sods some very well painted.

4Ground stuff, cracking product.

28mm historical stuff

A fair amount of bolt action stuff including the new 1/56 armour from rubicon I had a cheeky look in the box and its a nice looking kit, just a shame that I don't play that much bolt action!

The shop doesn't officially open until the 3rd December but the Thursday gaming nights are looking to be ran on a regular basis, for me I won't be gaming at black dragon that much on a Thursday due to the Phat cats also running on a Thursday, if they have any other days that they are open late then that would be a possibility.

Overall its a smart looking shop and has a wide range of geeky goodness up for grabs, One thing I did notice though was no discount, so I think that'll be a struggle against the discounted online retailers that offer free postage and other retail shops that are within the area.