Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tor Gaming Relics - Britanan empire

when Tor Gaming did a second fund raiser to add some objectives and hopefully unlock some more units for Relics, I decided to pick up a second faction so I could take people through the game,

So after a bit of prodding I managed get hold of a few of the bits early and also managed to get a starter set fairly cheap so after some pondering on the colour scheme as I wanted to avoid the usual British red coat look so decided on a green tunic,

The Britanan's so far, 

Hunting pack, grenadiers,  arcanum guard, CSM and troopers at the back,

Marksman, bomber, dragoon's, another company sergeant major and more troopers at the back,

so all I'm waiting on is a few more bits and bobs but these can wait until the models are ready and good to go, totting up the points that I can field at the moment is 399.

Throw the Orcnar into the mix and they are totting up to the best part of 600 points!

So all I sent an application over to Tor gaming and got accepted quite quickly with some good feedback on the Britanan and orcnar, All I need to do is get some demo's sorted out in the local shops in the area and we'll be rocking!