Thursday, 11 September 2014

WWX table, get on the love train!

So as part of my 2014 goal I wanted to get a 4x4 wild west board do for WWX/deadmans hand,

A while back I picked up a couple of train sets from pound stretcher around Christmas time last year and in the usual wargaming hording fashion they have been sitting on a shelf looking at me ever since, until recently!

I decided to base up the tracks rather than simply painting them up mainly for the stability of pieces as between myself and the GC we've broken a few bits whilst playing with the trains,

so I simply measured up some cork board and with some sand and paint the finished result looks great even by my standards!

I decided to add two tones of static grass for a variation,  

 and looks cracking on the table, bit of a dark picture but that's what you get for playing in Kris's S&M man cave!

 So all I have to finish off is the train and I've had the station from sarrissa turn up so that'll be done in a couple of weeks along with some other buildings for the town, I'll be adding bits and bobs to the table over a few months. One of the ranges that I'll be investing in will be 4ground and these look good scale wise next to the wwx models as well as the deadman's hand models.

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