Wednesday, 17 September 2014

all quiet on the martian front, demo game pics

A month or so ago I organised a demo night to play the new shiny all quiet on the martian front,

after some intense painting I managed to get quite a bit of the humans painted, and Lee got his tripods painted up to a basic level and these are the pics from the night,

so the inital set up,loads of humans verses a few tripods, I was wondering how they would both fair,

the human blip markers advance towards the tripods

and the tripods return the advance shooting as the move and every thing they hit turns unto a puff of dust! the weapons are very powerful!

in a heroic/mental move the rough riders go ploughing into the closest tripod and entangle the legs then leg it into some cover!

with an immobilised target the Mk2's open up on the target and when the dust clears its still standing!

with the return fire from the martians, holes are starting to appear in the human gun line.

and in a moment of madness, a pair of scout tripods break through the human gun line and promptly get assaulted by infantry and some point blank shooting which in turn takes them both down!!

the black dust launcher continues to blast the infantry!

however the rolling from the human side is outstanding and tripods are falling like leaves in the autumn,

with the sense of victory in the air the humans push forward and put the pressure on the tripods, and manage to drop another one winning the game on victory conditions,

over all the game plays very well and I'm looking forward to when I can give the humans another run out, in the meantime I'll be painting rough riders all five units of them.

Maybe the second wave will turn up at some point who knows? however you can actually buy them online which is a kick in the spuds as the communication from alien dungeon has been pretty poor and not had any updates since the end of August.

anyway enough of the moaning, the victorious human force all all their glory!

and Lee's tripods, looking great so far, and I might pick up a couple just to paint up and use for grunts!