Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ururk Hai, Orcnar, Malifaux Gremlins and Kings of war!

Well with skynet being still down, I've had not distractions in the evening so I've been painting like a nutter!!

So I'll start off with the Uruak Hai, you've already seen the initial 10, I've now managed another load done so I've now got 10 pikemen, 10 swordman, engineer squad, captain and Lutz.

not too sure on points but I think that should be enough for a get to grips game,  

As I've not played Lord of the Rings properly before any tips ,tricks or additions would be gladly welcome!!

so lets not stop there! and I finished off my orcnar for Relic's and the whole pack together with the original guys as well as the new guys,

half a unit of Nappa's, just need another three of these and they'll be legal!

A couple of anglide, I tried these against Kris and they did fairly well as bullet magnets!

Spatga, yet to be used on the field of battle but I'm eager to get this out there and see what he can do

Ealmoder, this "thing" was superb and the lick it better skill is superb!

With this lot now done I've ticked a goal off the 2014 list, I also posted these up on the relic's facebook page and have been asked to apply for the Rangers program, only issue is that I'm already a Crusader for Prodos so time is limited!

So not content with one goal ticked off the list I then grabbed the Gremlins that have been sitting on my windowsill for quite a while and splashed some paint on them,

these were superb models to paint and a tad intimidating as they have loads of detail that is crisp.

I've plenty more gremlins that are shoved in a box somewhere, maybe I'll get them all done at some point but there guys will do in the mean time.

So then the wild card that is kings of war, I've not actually played a game since the battle masters torney last year and with it coming up soon I suppose I should actually get a game of two in so that I don't stand there trying to workout what is going on!

I did some bartering on the mantic forums and ebay and managed to pick up some golums and gargoyles a while back and have been shoved in a box probably along side the gremlins! In a moment of madness I decided to blast out the golums.

I was a tad unsure with the colour of the rockskin and rather than the mantic black/grey I went down the normal stone look, the tufts were a flash back from when I painted Kurts trolls a good couple of years ago, after some feedback from facebook and my muse known as Kris the red veins/cracks were the finishing touch,

so in the usual Anton fashion I decided to crack out the rest of the golums that I picked up and based them up like the rest of the army as I see no point in taking one golum I decided to go for units of three as this counts as a fulltroops choice so I can have a hero etc as part of the army selection,

I'm hoping that the chaps over at either portal or loughbrough will give me a couple of games so that I can sort out a different list from last time,

now I'd love to say that the blog will be updated on a weekly(ish) basis as usual however the beast that I bought has a faulty power supply unit, so off it goes back to ebuyer and I'll steal Nadines laptop in the meantime! 

Well that's all folks until next time!