Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saga Vikings on tour...

A couple of weeks ago Rob kindly invited me over to his gaff to get a game on, the usual "what shall we play" question came up and Saga was suggested,

I've not played in well over a yea so was well up for running around and smashing skulls in with my norse men negation department.

Rob's worse than me when it comes to frothyness for certain things and his board is a work of art built by his own hands, very nicely done and good and sturdy,

So after rolling for sides a simple kill the warlord mission is choosen and we go for the set up with Rob taking the helms deep side, a load of pheasent  archers on the battlements and a unit of warriors inside the castle. Crossbowmen, warlord and three units of hearthguard split into two 6 man cav units, Which I was unaware you could actually do as I hand't really ready that bit of the rule book!

So the Vikings set up well spread out to keep Rob on his toes and simply marched up the field,

one of Robs hearthguard units went galloping off to my left flank and with some sneaking activations managed to get the drop on them and into combat, hitting on 5's was quite tough and after some backwards and forwards the hearthguard dissapearrred but to the cost of two warrior units!

meanwhile in the centre the viking heathguard and berserkers where stomping up the field towards the crossbowmen and even the levies managed to get some shots off before the heathguard got in and forced them back,Rob's second unit of Cav came rocking in the heathguard died gloriously and the berzerkers went completely mental and when the dust cleared all three units were gone!

this then left the last remaining warrior unit to go hunting down the crossbowmen and after that little scrap I had 4 guys left standing,

Rob's warlord had moved up at this point and got frothy and decided to finish off the last of the warriors dropping two but in return I managed two wounds on him and because there was no warriors near by he went down like a sack of spuds, I was quite surprised by this to be honest as I thought the warlord has wounds for some reason so we reread the rules a couple of times to work out if we were doing this right.

So with his warlord dead my bossman buggered off victorious before the guys in the castle could do him over!

to be honest I had no idea how to deal with Rob's cav and they provided to be quite difficult to get rid of, and it it wasn't for the fact that Rob got frothy about taking out some warriors he would have been laughing!

mind you it has made me think about other factions so gonna treat myself in april to a new warband, I just need to ask the usual suspects what warband they would recommend for me.