Sunday, 26 January 2014

Jungle Table, the non jungly bits....

So whilst finding my mojo to crack on with one of my various commitments I decided to get a couple more bits done for the jungle table,

I picked up the oop forgeworld from a facebook trading page a while back and the storage shed was going cheap when I picked up my fae from northstar mini's was a tad smaller than I expected but none the less it had the cool factor so not fussed,

painting wise these were simply base colour and dry brush, the roof was washed with a soft ink to make it look a bit more straw like and that was it basically, nice and simple terrain for the jungle/woodland in fact any type of board.

After I'd done these I then was in full swing with regards to my scenery mojo and finished off the two nodding donkeys that I picked up from fenris games last year that have been sitting on my window ledge ever since,

so a nice and simple paint scheme nothing too fancy with these pair, a base colour of necron abyss? then sponge a browny black, then metal and finsih off with some brass for good measure,

the only thing I wasn't too sure on was the base, so angled the edges for a more stubble ledge and did the same at the cottage & shed,