Saturday, 18 January 2014

Deadzone Enforcer Strike team zero four-two

I've managed to get the enforcers sorted for deadzone, giving me two painted forces.

After reading the fluff about the armoured suits I wanted them the look the business and appear more like special forces rather than a space marine brightly coloured target, If I ever do use these in a campaign then the call sign will be 0-42.

So onto the models!

I'm waiting for the booster that is due in wave two plus the terminator type assault suits and in the same colour scheme they should look spot on.

I got quite a bit of feedback from the facebook group so gave me alot of food for thought with regards to the highlightng of the black and the weapon colour,

The bases are done the same as the plague so urban style which makes the black stand out quite nicely.

So thats one ticked off the list for the "commitment" for 2014 and I'm only 3 weeks in!