Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Warlord Games Ruined Hamlet for Bolt Action

I've been going to a local once a month club over in Coalville ran by a chap called Andy,  Nice chap, rubbish at gaming ;)

Between myself and Kris we've been like a whirlwind of destruction within the club talking about various systems and tempting Andy & James down the dark paths that we tread...

As always four old farts chatting about models and various other politically incorrect subjects ended up going down the path of a once a fortnight club based over in Coalville as it doesn't have a gaming club? So me being me I've volunteered my services and been given the task of sorting out a 4x4 generic 28mm board.

I've had the ruined hamlets kicking about for a while so decided to break open a box and have a play about with them,

The actual bits you get in the box are quite chunky so will stand upto some heavy handed gamers, the thing I couldn't get my head around is that there is no "instructions" you can either copy whats on the box or wing it! I did one building like the box then the creative juices started flowing and I had a play about,

for the actual painting I kept reminding myself that this was for a gaming table so no need to go micro detail with the terrain after all I carn't have the buildings looking better than Kris' Brits!

so with the trusty fine detail brush and budget paints from the Range I dry brushed my way through the lot!

after I'd done the basic grey I got some brown and sponged the walls to give it a used feel and then some black for the damage done by the fire that would have collapsed the buildings, I avoided loads of rubble as I wanted models to be placed within the foot print no problem and to give it the been run down for a long time look.

Once I'd done the basic drybrushing on the bases I grabbed some poison ivy from army painter and had a play about with it, as ivy it looks spot on and gives the terrain a nice touch, some bog standard static grass and lichen bushes later and its all good! The PVA was still wet in the pics... 

Over all a cracking bit of kit, now what to do with this....

I'm thinking something along the lines of..

 any suggestions??