Friday, 7 June 2013

Hobby spiralling out of control?


My name is Ant and I'm a Gaming Addict!

I was chatting with some of the guys that I know about gaming in general as you do, and we was winding up one of the guys with starting warmachine, Then this got me pondering about the amount of systems that I have but don't actually have a chance to play due to lack of time.

The list of systems I have models and rules for is... 

Bolt Action
Drop Zone Commander
Empire of the Dead
Secrets of the Third Reich
Rules of Engagement
Wings of War
Batman the Game
Dysopian wars & Legions
Firestorm Armada

Epic 40K
Coldwar Commander
Dark Age
Wild West Exadous (via kickstarter)
Warzone Chronicles (via kickstarter)
Deadzone (via kickstarter)
All quite on the martin front (via kickstarter)

Quite a list! and with some of those systems I've multiple armies. 

Then I decided to look at my kickstarter backed projects and totted up the amount that I've pledged in the last 6 months and was quite shocked on the amount I'm dropping on new systems. This doesn't include the normal purchases that I've made over the last 6 months and when you start doing the maths its quite scary how much you can drop on toy soldiers!

So I'm gonna put my balls on the wall for this one and not pick up any new systems for the remainder of the year, and I'm going even further and not going to get any new armies for existing systems (the only exception is bolt action where I'm looking at the Russians, Japanese or USA but only the one!)

If I'm gonna buy stuff then it will to expand existing armies that I've already got, its gonna be a tough one as I'm terrible for SMS (Shiny model syndrome) and the internet is doing a great job of promoting new stuff all the time!

do you guys have the same "issues" as myself??