Wednesday, 12 June 2013

PSC T-34's & T-70's and the Awsome new PSC Spray!

So I posted up the big game that we ran at the Expo show a couple of weeks ago but hadn't posted up the actual tanks that I painted for the game,

Previously I'd painted a infantry company or two for the game and now I figured that some tanks would give the table a bit more "pop"

It started off with a mere three SU-76's

The models I picked up at salute from blitreq miniatures the barrels from ebay and the crew from grubby miniatures, these are for the pledge on the guild forum to keep the motivation of painting an army up to speed. After I did the SU-76's I then decided to continue the "mojo" and did 3 T-34's

I then had a mental idea on the Wednesday (the show was on Saturday) that the table would look nice with a company of T-34's so with some shiny new Plastic soldier company spray that turned up

So I turned the hero's of the motherland from this...

to this....

with a single coat, the paint goes on really well and the shade of green is spot on for the Russian green that I use (VAL 70.894 Cam olive green)

so after some hardcore painting I managed to get this lot done for the demo game,

including 6 T-70's,

overall I'm very happy with these, and just need to finish off the other 10 T-34's that are on my painting table at the moment, then it'll be getting ready for task 3 of the guild pledge.