Monday, 27 June 2011

Celts ready to rumble.....

Well with the glorious British sunshine I decided to take some snaps of the hordes of Celts that I've recently done,

This has to be a rarity for me as a gamer that I've actually painted 99% of my army and not actually played a game with it! all that is let if 3 command element models that I'll use for army/division commanders.

So the group shot, 3 warbands consisting of 32 guys in each one making them standard size for hail Caesar, 2 units of small bowmen, 1 unit of small slingers, 1 unit of cavalry and 3 chariots that I finished off the other day. I do have 3 spare bases of warriors I could add another 20 guys for a 4th warband.

Some close ups.

The Chariots that I finished this week, real easy to paint and the army dip makes them look cracking for tabletop level of painting

The angle that I'm gonna see my army from! 

So now there sorted, It's time to have that purge that I promised the other half to free up some space of stuff that I havn't used for a while, and as ebay is faffing around with the charges again I'd better get a shift on!