Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Celts good as done & lots of goodies....

Well with the final push on the hail Caesar celts the Cav & final warband are good as done just some basing left on the warband and a quick anti-shine coat and they'll be ready to rock and roll!

I need to some kind of unit "filler" any suggestions?

It was only after I PVA'd the sand did I find a few more spare bases! 

Looking a tad shiney! 

but in between the dip drying and all that I decided to crack on with the Bushido models that I picked up at expo a couple of weeks ago,

I don't normally do a work in progress but I'm liking these so far and they are a real joy to paint, 

A close up of one of the Bakemono, a bit of a fucker to put these together but nice detail though,

Zuba, the "standard" colour is going to be red no doubt due to the studio painting there's red and it does kinda remind me of hell boy! but after a bit of wiki-reading about Japanese mythology and all that it turns out that the Oni which what this basically is could be a number of colours and as I was thinking about an Ultra Marine army for 40K I figured I'd better get some practice in doing blues!

But as always some thing distracts me...

So the warmachine Cryx Wraith war engine, its a great looking kit and the detail it real nice, should be a doddle to put together and with the techniques that I've used for my cryx army & death guard shouldn't take too long to paint.

But I'll do that as a "treat" once I've done the Bushio stuff and the other odds and sods that have been on my painting table for far too long!

and whilst I was putting together the Bushio models this caught me eye...

Superb sense of humor that only the English can get away with!