Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bandits 10 O'clock High & whats that!

So after a fairly successful month painting wise, I've decided to try and take a leaf out of some other blogs that I read and actually FINISH a project/army!

So whats on the cards then...

  • Check your 6, the entire German air force (well it feels like it!) for the RAF to try and shoot down!
  • The Celts not much left plus a box of chariots that I got from Lee for my birthday (cheers Dude!)
  • Finally wrap up some half finished bits for the 40K chaos army
  • Malifaux crew, some odds and sods to sort out
  • Infinity, some real nice releases recently looks like I'll be tempted at expo on sat/sun

So after burning a bit of midnight oil and working out that I can put Isla (The Golden Child) in a baby bouncer, I can get some good old hard core painting in!

Mind you I do spend most of my time laughing at her and making silly noises and all that, when I'm not distracted by the GC I churned out these guys, Now I still need to anti-shine them to seal the decals, but the 109's and 110c's are sorted for a check your 6 game in a couple of weeks, and I've started on some 190's so that should keep the RAF on there toes!

Raiden miniatures 109, ok not a fantastic paint job but good enough for 2 foot away!

Raiden miniatures 110c

As I'm a bit of a sneaky bugger on the old net and find all sorts of bits and bobs, I stumbled across a chap on ebay who was selling resin conversion bits that have a distinct "nurgle" feel about them, as I half started a plague tower a while back I thought I could use some of his bits to get me back on track with that project and in a buying frenzy the parcel arrived this morning.

Personally I'm well impressed by these bits and are much bigger than I thought!

puss cannon type thing

a couple of "small" vats

huge vat!

(Camera died again! onto the phone camera!)

engine block with massive pipes!

Quite a funky steam whistle

another large vat

cool looking motar

Bloody good arn't they!! don't delay order today... ebay shop good prices and really decent shipping costs as well,

anyone know of any where else I could get some nice bits to convert it?

So once I've done the Germans and the Celts I'll more than likely crack on with the plague tower with all the funky bits that I've got now!