Monday, 20 June 2011

Bushio Savage wave done & something "extra" special......

So after a mental painting session I blasted though the Bushido models really quick! now all I need is to get a game in and I'll be sorted!!

so after a bit of feedback from the Bushio forum chaps I put a bit of orange into the larva and I'm quite happy with it now, the arc's are marked up and all I need to do is hit the crew with some anti-shine for protection, it has to be a first though that I've painted the entire collection for a game that I've only played via a demo! 

Close up of one of the Bakemono, 

and another one, 

and the big boy himself, the Blue skin has gone down quite well, so all I need to decide is to either carry on with the blue for a uniform feel or break out the random colours like on my chaos spawn and make peoples eye bleed with the rainbow colours!

So the something "special" whilst at expo I had a chit-chat to the guy who runs simple miniatures and when I asked about trakor units for infinity he had no idea when these were going to be released, and as some of the models for my faction still haven't been done I figured it might be a while so I've decided to make my own!

the REM unit are from the nomad range and one of the guys wanted certain ones that came in a box of two, so rather than having two kicking about I went halves and took the two that he didn't want.

I've done two different looking units to represent the two types of trakor unit in the game, I've not decided which one will be what yet, but I'm sure I'll get some "suggestions" from the local chaps!

the missile pods are from a GW terminator, cut in half and slapped on the side, 

the small missile pods are from exodus games, basically epic scale stuff that I had a spare one of, again the centre section cut out and simply stuck together, the round thing above the head is a bit from the other REM that I stuck in there as a filler and an air intake to basically look cool!

Side profile. 

So the other one, bit more hacking on this one. the round bits got snipped off the back of the REM and the side armour cut back so that I could fit the huge rocket launchers on, which are 15mm battlefront nerbelwefers that I picked up cheap from ebay

front shot

side profile, I'll more than likely paint these in either a russian green or maybe the original  nomad colours to represent the Adriana's "borrowing" the REM's for a weapon test bed?

As I was in a converting mood, I decided to throw some counts as hunters for the epic marine army that I posted up a month or so ago,

so the turret is from exodus wars, but actually made of two, one half of a whirlwind type turret and the other being a anti-aircraft  mini gun I made sure I kept the radar dome to give it the AA feel,

the rhino body is simply an old school plastic one with the rear hatches on the top cut down so the new turret sits better.