Thursday, 3 December 2009

Must Resist the resistance.....

Well after sundays fab warmacine torny at gifts for geeks I've the love for the cryx once more!

I suppose the amount I painted in a such a short amount of time helped as well and they got quite a few "could I have a look" comments which always nice,

I even popped down to the new warmachine Wednesday and played a quick 450 points against a really nice chap (name I failed to find out) with his troll bloods, as he'd only been playing about a month I didn't wanna use the skarre bomb on him that would have been total filth! so I took the warwitch and and some odds and sods, I also got the chance to field a pair of pistol wraths that I've had for ages but never done anything with!

So I've splashed a bit of paint on them and all I need to do is base the little monkeys and the job's a good un!

I've also decided to try and finish off SHOCK HORROR what I've got for the following armies....


2 Forgeworld Dreadnoughts
Termi squad
Deamon Prince
5 bases of nurglings
nurgle style rhino - pretty much like the successful landraider

Saim Hann...

3 squads of jetbikes
the council of dooommmm (farseer & 5 warlocks)
2 fire prisims
1 Falcon
4 vipers

Now this is the intresting part I'm going to TRY and hold back on buying anything until these bits are done! With the looming nid codex coming up this might be a problem! however lets see what I can get banged out in the meantime!

I'm gonna crack on with the 12 jetbikes that are "nearly" there then see what takes my fancy after that!

So the Pistol Wraths....

I tried to keep it quite dark as the army as a whole is basicly undead i.e. not nice people!

I started these on Monday night (I think) and got them done quite quick, they look good for table top and I'm happy with that!!

Stay tuned... Can Anton stick to his guns and resist the urge to buy more models?