Thursday, 31 December 2009

Laters 2009!

Well as its the last day of 2009 I figured I'd have an update and think about what I've done this year,

So the update part first, The 1st Fire Prisim is done par the decals however the golden question is... should I put a few tradtional black lines on the hull?
I'm in two minds if I should as it looks quite nice and how on gods green earth would I do a straight line?

So the Fire Prisim....

And the last squad of the jetbikes, just some cleaning up to do on the red where I've been sloppy, the spirit stones and the decals to apply and the job's a good un!

So thinking about what I've acheived this year?

Well the biggie has to be the warhound! I'm still impressed I managed to get it painted and not be doomed to a half finished project! (like the chaos mamonth many many years ago!)

Doing over 2k's worth of nurgle what started off as a "objective" squad for the thousand sons has became its own beast on its own! including the worlds most expensive landraider!

The phoniex from the flames aka the Eldar! I've had these guys for a long long time!! and only when I asked one of the guys what would he like to play against did Saim Hann get considered, Ok so the first game was a white wash but with a little reading and talking to various people I've kinda got them sorted I just need to push them upto 2K so that I can play a good size game with them,

Warmachine, I've not played this system for such a long time and the local shop running the torney and finishing 3rd was quite good, I just need to plot my revenge against the 1st & 2nd placers ;)

And Whilst we're on the warmachine front finally getting round to getting some of the cryx painted! I need to make a huge dent in that pile of unpainted lead!

Ambush Alley, I managed to pick up the main rules all the way back in March from Salute and get most of the 15mm fellas painted for both the British Army and the insergents,

And last but not least my final year as chairman of the Phat Cats, after 7 odd years I've decided to let some else have ago at it, however how will I get my scenery fix now!

Hope you all have a nice one tonight and See you in the new year