Thursday, 17 December 2009

And they keep coming.....

Well so far I've managed to stick to my no toys till the Eldar & Chaos are finished how ever I did splash out on some new brushes I saw a review by the guys on beasts of war via you tube and they seemed quite good, So when I was down gifts for geeks I asked Ross if he could get them in and they've been out for ages!

The entire Army Painter "wargamer" range!

So Far I quite impressed with them, so will replace my aging winsor & newton brushes nicely

I've been quite productive on the eldar front and finished off the Seer Council, I've spent a little longer on these guys than the normal jet bike guardians and they alright, not too sure about the weapons but they'll do in the mean time,

Group Shot

So with this lot done the eldar now have left...

2 fire prisims
1 Falcon
6 Jet bikes
5 Vipers

so not a great deal left really, I'm going to hold fire on getting any more bits and bobs for the army for the time being as they are an alternative to the chaos boys so won't be used a great deal really.