Saturday, 28 November 2009

And now for something "differant"

So its been a while, and I've been cracking on with the my Saim Hann eldar army,

I've managed to get a squad of 6 guys done, and neary another 12 straight off the back off it,

How ever I was reminded by Ross on Tuesday of the looming warmachine torney this coming sunday! Well out the window goes the eldar I'd best get my butt in gear for the torney!!

So decisions decisions..... Khador or Cryx....

I went with Cryx.....
Reasons you might ask?
1, I've not used them for ages.... there a good laugh to play with
2, I've a 7 min time limit per turn I need some thing simple(ish)
3, They have some of the dirtiest combos out there....

So this is what I'm taking....

2x Nightwretch
Necrotech & 2 scrap thralls
basic unit of bane knights
basic unit of bile thralls

only problem was that the Necrotech wasn't painted and I didn't even have the bane knights or the nightwretch's!! I picked up the missing bits from the shop and finished sticking them thursday night, sprayed them friday morning and tada! the army is done!! 6 knights 2 bone jacks and a single chaps in about 4ish hours not including fag breaks and general loafing around!!

so enough whaffling onto the pics....

The Family Shot

Bane Knights, lovely to paint, bastards to stick togeather!

2 of the three bone jacks, I might do the green engine glow on the nightwretch (thats the one on the left)

The Pirate Queen herself, with the best weapon in the game... Great Rack! LOL

Skarlock, when this was released a long long time ago the fluid motion of the model was brillant!

the legendary "4 hour" bane knights!! from undercoat to based!

bile thralls, these guys WILL ruin your day!

the scrap thralls I did ages ago but not the Necro tech...

and thats ya lot, I'll see how this lot goes down on sunday should be a giggle, well for me anyway I might get moaned at alot for what these little buggers can do ;)


  1. Looking Good Fella, nice juicy targets for the cygnar

  2. you gonna be at the top table then coops? :)

  3. alright actually, considering that I've not played a hardcore game in a while, won my first 2 nicely and school boy error in the third game dropped me to third place over all out of 12 so I'm happy with that ;)