Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Feel the RAGE!

Now normally I'm quite a jolly guy who kinda lets life just roll along and all that kinda stuff however sometimes when it comes to gaming it doesn't always go to plan!

Lets use tonight as an example.....

Campaign night down gifts for geeks, Myself and Ross playing as chaos against Jack & Mark with Marines & Guard, it all started going wrong when I managed to kill my own bikers in the first two turns as the went flying  across a trench line with a multiude of ones being rolled by myself!

Ok that was wounding but surely that would be the end of my bad luck?

No was the simple answer to that!
The missle launchers from the havocs shooting frag went all over the place again some nicely packed guard weapon teams, I was trying to let that go and now worry too much about the return fire and thought well the good old vindicator will slot a few mofo's for me...

But lady luck was having none of it and decided to scatter miles away from what I'd shot at!

and the bad rolls kept coming!!

Now the question is how do you keep your spirits up when everything you touch or roll goes tits up?


  1. Personally, I trust in Karma. The number of times I've rolled a monster number of dice - 15 per tank etc and seen the dice roll against me ... but I know (I JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE) that that sacrifice just banks into the Karma-com bank and down the line my guardsmen will kill three termies in a turn with nothing but flashlights.

    This is where SPAM comes in useful. Having one mortar team is 'meh?', but having 15 barrage shots means you ARE gonna hit something, sometime, somewhere...

    I love it how you curse your luck, and yet you demolished your opponent quite horribly!

    Luck is luck, it'll come and it'll go ... And importantly it'll EVEN OUT over the course of a game. Cling to this (like a man on a dingy in a hurricane) and 'bad-luck' is just good-luck cashed in for later.

    Maybe later on that month ... but the theory still stands.

  2. Interestingly, last night Lady luck it was definitely bouncing around. I asked Paul if I could 'retrospectively' apply for a bring it down on a dreadnought (THAT BLOODY DREADNOUGHT) with three lascannons. He agreed and effectively gave me a reroll to hit. I hit, and then spectacularly failed to penetrate a poxy dread with three lascannons.

    Half of my game is about not 'pushing' my luck either. IE when I'm playing within the rules, but sort of taking the piss - I can feel that 'this' isn't gonna go my way.

    A classic example being where 8 Hormagaunts made an epic fail at hurting ANY guardsmen at all in one round. That's a less than 1% chance.

    Go figure.

  3. it wasn't me doing the demolishing, that was all ross! I killed about 4 kill points worth of stuff so not a great deal really, and lost about 4 points so I broke even,

    SPAM is all well and good if its cheap enough, however cheap doesn't exist in the chaos codex.

    I suppose I'm losing heart with the Chaos codex compared to the newer ones that have come out since then take the marine one for example in theroy same army but with deamons but far less benifits to the point it appears the chaos codex is a joke, I've a feeling 'nids will be rolling over me in the new year!

    so I've two options really I either step up the pace and go hardcore with my lists or I find a new army to chill and flex with and have a laugh?