Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Path of the Seer is a dark road....

Well I've been doing something that Ive been advised not to do many many times before... Thinking!!

After the shocking game against the guard with the Flying Elven Circus (known now as FEC) and spending many many minutes looking at blogs to do with these toughness 3 hells angels, it seems that more is less?

Right one converted Farseer with his mates,

the "family shot"

The boss man himself, dead easy conversion for Farseer Buck and his buddies...

Shining spears upper bodies,
Shining spears exarch pole thingy for the back of the bike
the sword arm on this chap was from the autarch
and thats it!

Looking out side it appears that the powers that be don't want me to get these painted as the weather is pants! I might have to deploy the brolly!

So HQ for FEC is now...

Farseer  - Jetbike (doh!) Doom, Guide or fortune? not sure
Warlocks x 5 Jetbike, 2x singing spear 2 witch blades (one not sure about), Powers are.. 4x destructor 1x enhance

points wise no idea but it'll be pricey!

now I didn't think of this myself! and add that with the fantastic blogs/tactics from  (some real dirt on this one!! jesus wept! LOLOLOL)

I'm sure my next game will be much better and I might actually be able to make Chris sweat! aka suneokun which is Chinese for "I love mortars" you've never guess it ;)

any way before I go off on one of my sarcastic but harmless tangents the Pimped up ride for Typhus is nearly done! as long as I can keep away from COD MW2 I'll be fine but it is bloody good!!

Overall I'm quite happy with it I didn't want to screw it up and all that but after the success of the titan I decided to go for it and the conversion part of the land raider I did to chill out after work, I don't feel its OTT but just enough to prove that its nurgle!

If anyone knows of any decient "how to greenstuff" site then point me towards them, I want to work out how to do screaming faces onto flat surfaces as jolly and nice as that sounds! LOL this might be for my Slannesh  eldar!

I still need to the little bits like the eye's where the lights are and finish off the weathering around the tracks but thats a 5 min job if that!

Cheers for reading!!