Saturday, 17 February 2018

Robin 2018

Hello Geeks!

So a week of so ago I wandered over to ROBIN at notthingham with the rest of the Phat Cats Demo team,

We had: 

Lee & Pete with Blood and plunder
Nick & Dan with 30K
Myself & Keith with Gates of Antares

Most of my Morning was spent talking to a few guys that I've know for a number of years and it was great to catch up them all,

I managed to snap a few pics towards the end of the day however I didn't manage to get all of the tables in the mad rush around!

Carl's demo tables from open combat were really cool and I'd like to fins out where the dragon skeleton came from!

the Lenton gamers group putting on a superb WW2 28mm crete game, the attention to detail was cracking

All the armour in the work for a massive bolt action tank wars game

Sarrissa showing off some of there terrain, they had some wicked deals on the day however I've way too much terrain!

So as this appears to be the game of the month and Pete from the club has gone balls deep in on this one I picked up a starter set for a gang so that I can give it a crack!

One of the more WTF tables I've seen for a long time! More Kings of War models that I could count!

So that was Robin in a nutshell, Overall good second year and I'll be looking forward to the 2019 show!