Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Pledge - November

And before you know it the month has vanished in a puff of smoke or like my death company army in a hail of multi shot battle cannon rounds from a triple knight list.

Yes it was a whitewash but hey that's the whole point of the cock punch themed series, Apparently next up will be Keith and Dan playing 30K now that's gonna be one to watch!

So what did I manage this month?

Painted - 74

Bought - 39

Difference + 35

So blasting out the death company in record time and the oathsworn bits certainly had a positive impact on the purchases this month which were the new necromunda which I'd already accounted for in my head.

And its very very nice! not done anything with it yet need to decide how to build up my guys once I've read rules. 

However the 2000AD foundry "sale" was a curve ball as these models I've wanted for years so picked up the ABC warriors, Johnny Alpha and his boys from SD, Sam Slade & Hoagy, I also had the semi cooked shopping at Crisis in the form of a dropship and a APC for AVP, and after much discussion with Mr Upton its appears that an AVP demo board could be in the works...

With the death company done I decided to revisit my huge amount of unfinished or not even started projects and blasted out some Freeborn for GoA.

The over look I'm really happy with and all I need to do is get some trigger time with the guys at the club and I'll see what else I'll be adding, the hivemind of facebook have suggested and X-launcher and a striker attack skimmer.

These will be added once I've painted the second batch of infantry up, after that I'll be aiming for December to be a month of finishing off stuff that's been on my painting desk for way too long, so lots of random models for mainly This is not a test which at some point I will get some games in and get the terrain started that I've collected for the last year or so!