Monday, 13 November 2017

First look - Burrows & Badgers

Whilst monging at the Derby show a couple of months ago the K47 table that I was trying to get people to play on was near  the Oathsworn sales stand,

lets just say that I spent a while mooching at the stuff over the 2 days!

So after picking up some bits and splashing some paint on the models I decided to run a demo night with the stuff that I picked up, 

I decided to also paint up the scenery as well,

so the warband looking all pretty based up! 

I also found this kicking around on my painting table so a quick job later and it was sorted,

Normally when I put demo nights on at the club I'll get about half the people that sign up on the book of face, however this time I had 5 players rock up including two from Stratford! 

We all picked a model and went for it hell for leather, a few rules I got wrong however after some re-reading by Dan it slotted into place nicely,

The shew knight errant was in beast mode and the rabbit archer ended up climbing a tree to escape his frenzy!  

 whilst everyone was running around the 2 foxes were going toe to toe!

We played 2 games as it was a fairly quick turn around on the first game and the second game went for an objective grab in the middle,that was a bit better with the game lasting alot longer!

Gameplay - its an alternative activation system where you move then perform one action, Don't make the mistake I did and thought you get two actions! Each animal type has a stat line that dependent on the number is the dice type that you roll, and you have skills that come with both the animal type and weapons that you arm them with. 

Creating your warband is really simple as you choose your models and put upto 6 items on each model. If you have certain types of armour then this reduces the amount of stuff that you can carry. you can also carry trinkets and herbs for various effects in the game and the herbs you can use whilst casting to get better spells and the like off. You also have alliances that give bonus' as well as dictate what system of magic that you can cast.

Lastability - The current rule set has a campaign system which gives you a chance to play linked games rather than just one offs, As long as you have people willing to give this crack then it could become a regular game at your local club.

Models - This is what attracted to me in the first place they are something completely different to what I'm used to and they were really nice models to paint. The range that you can get at the moment is quite varied and the price isn't too bad compared to other systems that I play.

Overall the system isn't too bad, the 2nd edition rule book is planned for release at salute so it'll be interesting to see if the "perfect roll" rule (+7 to your result) stays within the system as we found it quite powerful in the first game and switched it out to an exploding dice mechanic which seemed to give it some control. I'll certainly be picking up a few more bits and bobs and giving it another crack once I've had some more time with the book!

If you want to know more and download the free 1.5 rule book have a look burrows and badgers