Thursday, 23 November 2017

Another 40K army! The Death Company

With the continued enthusiasm for 8th Edition I've cracked out a Blood angel death company force using the vanguard order of battle for maximum in your face play!

This whole lot came about after a late night discussion with Mr Smith about what would army did you always want to do but couldn't under the previous rules when we used to play back in 3rd & 4th Ed 40K

for me it was always the death company, I wasn't bothered about the rest of the blood angels always thought they looked naff however psycho's in black armour now that floated my boat in a serial killer way (this was before I joined the ranks of chaos!)

A couple of the guys at the Best Club in Leicester, that's the phat cats if you've been living under a rock for the last 15 years (all others are mealy Chinese clones and wanna-be's) were having a discussion about dirty 8th lists and knights came up, I threw the gauntlet down and the Phat Cats Cock Punch match was born!

So I had about 4 weeks to do a 2K list, It was all stuck together and I'd painted a test unit the rest needed doing,

And in the traditional Anton way - Mission complete! 

All the boys in there glory! 

OOP forgeworld dreadnought drop pod, its useful knowing some people! 

The flying skip, I hated this model when it first came out back in the day, It still looks naff however it was a doddle to paint and I look at it as a flying taxi! 

two dreads ready to party

So three units sporting the latest in assisted movement gear

and 12 guys who ride the fun bus - note the lack of nipple armour!

Lemartes and Charlie Chaplin ready to educate the faithless,

So this was my first time at giving black a crack and how it turned out I'm really quite happy with it, the drop pod and Storm raven I was a bit nervous of doing as I wanted to give the airbrush a run out on them but yup it worked out great and thanks go to Adam for the technique on doing the black, Kris for the suggestion on doing the red crosses so so easy and Steve over at Barwell body shop for the chat about techniques and the like!

I'm not expecting to win however IF I can drop one knight then I'll be a happy man, Also the battle report will be filmed and uploaded onto youtube so once its been edited and all that I'll bang a link up!

However now that I've done this challenge I'm not too sure what to paint next, next show is to be robin in Feb but until then I've nothing planned, So any suggestions would be welcome.