Sunday, 13 March 2016

Hammerhead 2016 - The Phats cats demo team on tour!

So with the new year the show season is already upon us!

I wandered over to the Hammerhead show last weekend and did my usual running around snapping pics as I went!

Now this show was a bit of a challenge for the demo team as we'd decided to do a table for gates of Anteres so that involved myself and Phil sorting out a 4x4 desert style table, It will also serve as the table that we will be using for gorkamorka that will be kicking off in May (ish)

So we needed to get the bromites sorted out as well as the terrain, Phil had a master plan with regards to the terrain and I cracked on with the bromites, I simply added more to the initial bunch that I picked up a while back

so with all the bits and bobs done, it was an early start so with relentless in hand the show kicked off!

ploughing though the models!

painting the terrain in a few hours! 

a quick sample of what we did,  most of it was with spray cans!

and the day before the show we discovered that we didn't have a 4x4 desert board! and Nick wouldn't let me spray an old school GW mat ;)

so in no particular order here we go......

this was an interesting one as it appeared to be a "usual" Napoleonic table but with film crew! 

This was a beast of a table!

I liked this one as I've just watched the Revenant....  

witch racing! 

Carl from Second Thunder explaining open combat 

Richard's KOW mega game!! 

the only picture I managed to get of the Phat cats table! 

And who are these fine looking individuals, Oh that's right its the Hysterical games demo team, and their first ever show!

More about this board on a later blog post. however it did win best constructed board which was wicked!

so onto the "loot" I've been really good for the last few months and decided to have a bit of a spend at this one! 

 The open combat and devils run were KS pick ups, the 7TV I'm gonna blame on Lee on this one! a lot more on that one at a later date since we've managed to get a game in!

The Antares stuff is to add to the Ghar as I only had the basic guys from the main box game.

Over all great show and can't wait for 2017!