Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Panzerfaúst - The Snail breading shed,

I popped over to Rob's mid -December to drop off the snail house that I did and was handed the snail shed,

once again designed and built by the same chap who did the previous buildings, the detail on the model is superb and really well cast! 

I also got a set of the walls as well, previously when Rob mentioned that he'd sorted out a set of walls I wasn't overly bothered until I actually saw them and the snail shells within the brick work was brilliant! 

It took me a while to decide on how to paint the shed as I wanted it to look different from the previous buildings that I've done and after a but of a brain storming session with the guys and girls on the Panzerfaust facebook page of of the ladies suggested a mixed brick look so rather than thinking about it too much I just went for it!  

So after the initial colours were put down I gave it a wash and then a really light dry brush to bring the colours together, then it was onto the walls, I started off with a grey and after some feedback from a few different individuals I copied the shed multi brick effect onto the walls,

such a massive difference and looks so much better! 

so that's the terrain for panzerfaust all done so far so as and when Rob decided to commission more hopefully I'll get the chance to splash some paint on his terrain, I've been getting good feedback so it's good to know that I hit the nail on the head for the over all look!

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