Monday, 25 January 2016

Hitting the pile of unpainted stuff! - Deadzone Forge fathers

I've decided to try and actually get some of my previous stuff that I picked up via the first Mantic KS for deadzone sorted out before the next lot hits and whilst ruminging though a random box I found the forge fathers,

Now these were "free" unlocks as the KS went through its various stretch goals and I bought a dreadnought thing as a add on for the rule of cool factor!

So it started off with this as the initial pledge on the mantic madness monthly painting compo...

and a week or so later they were sorted! 

So I figured I might as well finish off the other odds and sods with the suit guys, 

and managed to crack them out in no time at all, 

so I decided to round them off with the miner looking chaps, 

The initial models painted in the blue was for a bit of a change and I simply carried the colour though out the rest of the army, the warpath KS pledge manager is no up and I'm tempted to add some more odd and sods but when I ask myself will I really use them, the sensible side of me tells me to calm down I've enough to sort out and the Anton side of me is telling me to go for it!

However I'm trying to have a dry month and see how far I can go without adding more to the unpainted pile that is slowly taking over the geek room!

As its near the end of the month I'm doing stupidly well and have bought 2 models to add onto existing armies!

However that doesn't mean I've been sitting on the PS4 for most of the month! I've painted a crazy amount of models where I've completed all my monthly goals, I'll explain more about that in the month end summary!

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