Thursday, 24 December 2015

Panzerfaúst More terrain!

After I did the last lot of buildings that I did for Rob, It's been fairly quite on the panzerfaust front for me as I've been distracted with various other bits and bobs,

However Lee swanned into the club a couple of weeks ago and gave me something quite "special"

its a snail house! As soon as I saw this I was "ooohhhhh" with the excitement of how cool it is then I was "ooohhhhh" with how the bloody hell was I gonna paint this!

So I started with a blast of grey primer, This is now my go to primer colour, black was used for years and after a tip from Adam. well worth a try,

applied some basic colours after much discussion with Rob with the look that he was going for 

part way through the basing, 

and with the PVA still drying, it was done and dusted! 

really nice detail on the model, really simple to paint and takes washes and dry brush really well.

For some reason painting the snail house unleashed the inner terrain maker and I decided that I wanted to make some scatter type terrain for the village that was growing,

I started off with a washing line and well,

after some feedback from the guys and girls on the terrain tutor facebook page, the next line that I make will be baby wipes cloth rather than tissue paper.  The well came from dungeon saga, I had doubles of the terrain pieces so figured it was going to a good cause!

And in the usual Anton manner it kept snowballing....

I picked these up from a bargain bucket at gifts and used some of the army painter barbed wire and these were done in record time, just need to put some flock on this lot,

and it didn't stop there...

after getting some fences from rendrea I threw this lot together in a rapid turn around! 

lots of fences for various layouts

and the finished field, really happy how this has come out and as I've donated this to Rob for the greater good I "might" do another one for myself, 

So earlier this week I nipped the snail house, fences and veg patch over to Rob and I was asked to do some more bits for him which I jumped at the chance, and these were handed over...

So I've a snail breeding house to slap some paint on,

rather than simply painting it, I've posted on the Panzerfaust facebook page to see how the masses would paint it, and once I've a few selections then the one with the most votes will be chosen with Rob's blessing of course! 

and the walls that will be released as well, note the  snail shells within the wall which is a nice touch!

I did also get some other "bits" but these will follow in a later post before the end of the year ;)