Monday, 21 December 2015

Gates of Antares - Ghar & Bromites

In the usual Anton manner I preordered the GoA and the box has been sitting there for a while waiting to be worked on,

My geek "wife" also jumped in on the band wagon and also ordered a box and we swapped out the models that we didn't want, I managed to snag all the ghar for the concorde.

and that's just half of it, for the paint scheme I didn't feel the shiney factor that warlord had done, so I had an idea and decided to try some thing different and took some models into work and got the team to decide on how they should look after I explained what the fluff was, and this was the result,

I got Salma to paint one up on the night and then simply copied the scheme and finished off the rest, over all I'm really happy how they have come out and the models have gone down really well on the GoA facebook page.

Whilst I was waiting for the additional units to be released I picked up the Bromite starter army as I'd already managed to get hold of a few bits, A quick flick through the fluff and a lick of paint and they were sorted,

to add onto this lot I've now got this lot to sort out..

These will be sorted out in the new year so I can start the year with getting some games of this in,