Friday, 22 May 2015

Warzone Icarus ready for deployment....

As soon as the Icarus was available for order from prodos it was in the shopping cart and paid for you could blink....

When the model rocked up I was really happy with it and couldn't wait to get in on the table and strafing the unwashed masses, however I wanted to have it painted though and that's where I hit a slight snag as I wanted a certain look for the Icarus.

And in the usual Anton manner it was Russian inspired... 

The snag that I had was how to achieve the clean lines, and that inspired me to sign up for the airbrush course earlier in the year. However its taken me this long to get my ass into gear and actually attempt the model,

so I started with a base coat of grey and used some painters masking tape and cut it up into random shapes.

Once I'd done that I blasted it with some red,

and did a rinse and repeat on the masking,

I blasted it with some black,

I whipped off the masking tape and was actually surprised it worked! I'd basically blagged the masking and some how pulled it off!

some blue on the underside and detail of the metal bits,

A quick blast of soft tone and some decals added give it that finishing touch,

Overall I'm really happy with the finish on this model and the colours tie in with the rest of the army nicely, All I've got to do now is wait for the rules for tank war type battles and hopefully I can field these bad boys in squadrons of three!