Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Expo 2015 - The aftermath... & The Pledge...

Now I knew that me and the Norse God like Lee were going to be busy....

But I wasn't expecting the amount of traffic on the AVP board as we got, For what ever reason the trade hall doors opened at 09:30 when we all thought it was 10:00 so caught us off guard and we were still setting up the models as people were queueing to get there AVP kickstarter copies.

No surprise they were all gone by about 09:36! which lead to a fair few sad faces throughout the weekend when I got asked if there were any copies left.

Pretty much it was non-stop on the Saturday, Myself and Lee had a quick bez around for about 45 mins, and on the Sunday it was not quite as busy but still steady with regards to running demo's.

Everyone who played the game over the weekend walked away with a smile on there face regardless of who won, and loads of positive feedback on the table and models. Huge thanks to everyone who played and kept us going with the laughter and Hollywood moments that we made up on the spot!

I did manage to sneak away and go check out all the bits that I was looking for, due to the super market sweep style shopping dash I managed to grab bugger all pictures.

 One game that I wanted to see was Route 666, and I headed to the pool where we normally do the games with the Phat Cats and found Mark demoing his ass off to the masses!

The over sized components were a bloody good idea, and the system looks fairly simple,

The models look really nice and the bikers are cracking.

So onto the "Loot" from expo...

I picked up a fair chunk this time, shows that more wargaming type companies are showing up, In the haul was...

Guildball starter deal, Butchers team, already the frothing has started within the local area...
Some more Microcosm stuff and I had a great chat with Andy and can't wait to take it down the club
Terminator resin models
The Hen commandments from Terrorbull games, this was a kickstarter pick up and looking forward to this.
And the guys from east street games gave me a bullet and brains starter set to pass over to Dan at the club, I've a quick look and the rules are really quick and should be a good laugh!

So onto the "Pledge"

Bought - 36
Painted - 75
Difference + 39

So another successful month, and I'm surprised that I've not had a negative month so far certainly Salute normally gives the pledge a kicking, I've still got Derby though and that's looking like I could be going as a punter so another road trip for me & Isla!

With the Survivor series yea I'm still in the running and enjoying the progress that all the other guys from the Scars are making, Slight change to the rules so that the pledge for the month has to be a legal unit in the chosen system which makes sense.

So now that I've a few months to chill before the next show, I'm going to focus on sorting out the kings of war Arab army for the Loughborough Dice devils Torney is September, I've been chipping away at this since the beginning of the year and now its time to step up the production and start bringing the cool looking units to the table!