Thursday, 7 May 2015

Post Salute recovery & How to paint aliens for AVP

So after a mammoth painting month for salute I decided to have a bit of a chill from painting as you'll see from the pledge later at the bottom of the pledge,

So I managed to crack out 110 alien models and this was my technique...

So I recommend putting a good film on and have that in the back ground whilst you do the construction, and ironically I went through Aliens, AVP, AVP2 and debbie does dallas ;)

 Spray the model black,

Dry brush necron compound

Also batch paint this will save you oodles of time!

Simple give the models a wash of dark tone and if you not happy with the tone then wash it again!

Base how you see fit and away you go!!

On the infants I used gloss varnish on the heads to give a bit of difference

So the whole lot in all its glory...

The Predators that I used for the salute table were kindly painted for me by a chap over at the Dice Devils and what a superb job he did!

So onto the "pledge"

Bought - 30
painted - 80
Difference + 50

I'll painted for the back of Feb and most of April was Aliens, I was surprised that I wasn't sick to death of them though by the end I just wanted to paint a different colour!

So whats on the table?

well I picked up a starter set for Macrocosm for the Malignancy faction ( )

so that's currently being done for the May pledge for the survivor series, The other thing that is on my table is a Mortan warband for godslayer.