Monday, 7 April 2014

Getting Prepared for Salute 2014

Somehow Nick has managed to get a demo/show board booked in at Salute, the biggest show in the UK!

If your coming along then we'll be at the location GJ19

Salute Map

About 6 weeks ago we starter working on the models for the board and I was given the task of sorting out the Russians, the list so far is..

40 infantry
6 BMP's
13 T-72's
5 Trucks
4 Gaz jeeps
1 anti-tank gun
1 huge building

I've only the jeeps and the anti-tank gun to finish off which will be a nice easy finish to the hardcore painting session over the last couple of weeks.

so onto the sneak peaks of the models that I've managed so far...

the infantry are from underfire miniatures, really nice models superb sculpting and great casts.

Trucks from S&S

Phils scratch build building, all 100+ windows of it!

BMP's from S&S

T-72's, these were converted to have the reactive armour then Phil cast up enough for the board

So Nick & Phil putting some final touches to the board, I was impressed with the Yom Kipper board, however hats off to the guys for this one as it looks superb!

If your at salute pop on over as the game will be going all day!